Kennel Excellent´s American Bulldogs

Co-owns wanted ! (In Scandinavia)  

As it is not yet possible in our modern times to clone yourself, hehe...
and considering that I, as a breeder myself actively compete with the
dogs I have at home and have a full time job in addition to the kennel
it is of great importance to be able to place dogs/puppies in foster
homes there all dogs are given the best conditions to develop and
are evaluated fairly based on the individuals' individual needs and
characteristics. As a basic rule, all puppies that come from our kennel are placed
on contract. Forms of agreement vary between standard agreements
for whole/half co-own contracts and specially adapted agreements
depending on the stakeholder's competence and own wishes. The type of buyer/co-owner that is wanted is someone who lives an
active life and has a great interest in developing with, and getting
involved with, their dog and appreciates being part of an community
both as an reprecentative for the breed itself and out kennel.
Experience in both demanding breeds and/or in training/competition
is desirable, but there is no requirement if ambition exists instead. If you are interested in a dog from us, do not hesitate to contact us and talk
about what you have to offer, or if you would like to know more about which
agreements are possible for you. We are very keen on a good relationship with our puppy buyers/co-owns
as our whole concept requires us to be familiar with each individual's
development in order to be able to make the necessary evaluations
of our breeding and carry the breeding work forward successfully